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The Magic Pass loyalty program

Your leisure activities make you earn cash back

Collect points thanks to your ski days and other transactions with our partners and turn them into cash back!

Magic Pass + BeMagic = your leisure activities make you earn cash back!

With BeMagic, your payment methods become your loyalty card!


Collect Magic points through

  • Your purchases at our partner merchants : hotels, sports shops, restaurants, golf courses, bars, thermal baths, activities...
  • Your Magic Pass days : earn 20 Magics per day simply by passing through an access point to a ski lift for the first time of the day, in summer or in winter and in any resort!

Get cash back!

  • As soon as you get 500 Magics through your ski days and purchases at our partner merchants
  • Get cash back (money directly on your bank account) after a transaction at one of our partners
  • Don't forget to activate your push notifications



 Register in a few steps to take advantage of our benefits

  • Download the app for free
  • Create an account by scanning your Magic Pass
  • Specify under your profile in the app on which IBAN you would like to receive your cash back