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The Magic Pass loyalty program

How does it work?

Become a BeMagic member in just a few simple steps! You need to:

  • Own a Magic Pass.
  • Download the Magic Pass app and create an account by scanning your subscription.
  • Enter an IBAN and add a payment method to your profile in the app.
  • Activate push notifications in the app.

Accumulate Magic points through:

  • Your purchases with any of the payment methods registered in the Magic Pass app at our partners: hotels, sports stores, restaurants, golf courses, bars, thermal baths, activities, etc. 1 CHF = 1 Magic (Note: Apple & Google Pay are not accepted!)
  • Your Magic Pass: Visit a Magic Pass station and get 20 Magics per day, summer and winter.
  • Challenges: Earn 20 Magics for each completed challenge.

Your reward: Direct cashback to your bank account as soon as:

  • You have accumulated at least 500 Magics through ski days, challenges, and purchases at our partners.
  • You have made a transaction with a partner, allowing you to choose between continuing to accumulate points or requesting cashback.
  • You have activated push notifications.

With BeMagic, your payment methods become your loyalty card!