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General sales conditions

1. Description

Magic Pass packages are valid in summer and winter. They can be used from the summer opening of the installations in May until the end of the following winter season (May 1st to April 30th).

During their period of validity, they can be used on all the partner companies' (referred to below as the partners) installations, i.e.

  • Aeschiallmend
  • Anzère
  • Axalp
  • Bugnenets – Savagnières
  • Bumbach
  • Charmey
  • Crêt-du-Puy
  • Devero IT
  • Diemtigtal (Grimmialp – Springenboden – Wiriehorn )
  • Eischoll
  • Eriz
  • Espace Dent-Blanche (Arolla – Evolène – La Forclaz)
  • Faltschen
  • Gantrisch Gurnigel
  • Glacier 3000*
  • Grimentz – Zinal
  • Gspon
  • Gurnigelbad
  • Habkern
  • Heimenschwand
  • Hirmentaz FR
  • Hohwald
  • Homberg
  • Jaun
  • Jaunpass
  • Jeizinen
  • Jura sur Léman FR
  • Kiental
  • La Berra
  • Lauchernalp - Lötschental
  • Les Habères FR
  • Les Marécottes
  • Les Mayens de Conthey
  • Les Paccots
  • Les Pléiades
  • Les Prés-d'Orvin 
  • Les Rochers de Naye*
  • Loèche-les-Bains
  • Leysin - Les Mosses - La Lécherette
  • Marbachegg
  • Métabief FR
  • Moléson
  • Monts Jura FR
  • Moosalp
  • Nax
  • Niederhorn
  • Ottenleue
  • Ovronnaz
  • Rathvel
  • Riffenmatt
  • Robella Val-de-Travers
  • Rossberg
  • Rosswald
  • Rüschegg
  • Saas-Almagell
  • Saas-Fee**
  • San Domenico IT
  • Schwanden
  • Schwarzsee
  • Selital
  • St-Cergue
  • St-Luc/Chandolin
  • Ste Croix – Les Rasses
  • Thollon Les Mémises FR
  • Tramelan
  • Unterbäch
  • Vallée de Joux (L'Abbaye - L'Orient - Le Brassus)
  • Vercorin
  • Villars - Gryon - Les Diablerets
  • Visperterminen
  • Wilerallmi

* Magic Pass will give you access to said company’s installations only during the winter season (November 1st to April 30th), but not during the summer season, even if its installations are open. 

** In Saas-Fee, the Magic Pass does not give access, in Summer, to the Metro Alpin and the summer ski area. 

2. Conditions of sale

Period of sale

These season tickets are on sale from March until the end of the following winter season on: https://www.magicpass.chou 

Payment terms

For purchases via the online selling site (Internet), payment can only be made by an electronic payment system (credit card and TWINT) or through Heidi Pay, which offers installment payments.

Age categories

Small child: up to age 5, accompanied by parents (in 2023, date of birth 2018 or after) - Magic Mountains Cooperation does not offer a Magic Pass for this age group. You must go to the ticket office to obtain a valid ticket for them. For prices, terms and conditions of the respective resorts apply.

Child: Between ages of 6 and 15 (in 2023, date of birth between 2008 and 2017)

Adult: above the age of 16 (in 2023, date of birth 2007 or earlier) 

The year of birth determines the applicable charge rate.


All prices are quoted in Swiss francs or Euros inclusive of VAT (applicable by country) 


A Magic Pass can be used by the customer upon receipt of the card, not upon payment. Only the presentation of the physical card gives the right to use the services.


Any resale of Magic Pass is strictly forbidden. Only sales in partner resorts and on the Magic Pass website are permitted. The Cooperative reserves the right to cancel Magic Passes that have been resold via a third party.

3. Data support (Keycard) for Magic Passes

The Magic Mountains Cooperation Cooperative issues a data support free of charge when a Magic Pass is purchased and makes sure that this support is compatible with all the partners.

4. Scope of the services

The benefits provided by the Magic Pass include the services of a daily card for all the partners. This means that if public transport is included in the daily card it is also included in the flat rate charge for the Magic Pass. Bike transport is included for free in the Magic Pass. The Magic Pass card must be presented in order to benefit from the related services. A confirmation of order, payment, or a photo of the card, for example, is not acceptable. If you are unable to present your Magic Pass card, you must purchase a valid ticket or request a duplicate at your own expense.

5. Refund

Magic Pass purchases cannot be refunded under any circumstances, including, but not exclusively, in case of illness or accident of the owner of the pass. Only persons who have contracted insurance at the time of purchase, shall be entitled to claim a refund of their Pass in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.  Reimbursements are made directly by the insurance company. Magic Mountains Corporations Cooperative does not reimburse any passes.

In addition, there is no guarantee that all or part of the facilities of the partners listed under point 1 will be opened; there is no right to reimbursement, even partial, in in the event of non-opening, refusal to accept the package (e. g. refusal to read the pass), partial opening or closure of one or more partners listed under point 1 or of their facilities. 

6. Special "pandemic" provision 

Exceptionally, and only in the event of a pandemic which implies a total closure of all the installations and lifts of all the partners listed under point 1 (excluding weather or snow conditions), Magic Mountains Cooperation will offer a personal and non-transferable credit for each customer valid on the purchase of the next Magic Pass. 

Under these circumstances, the credits are subject to the following additional conditions: 

  • The customer has used his Magic Pass less than 15 days during the time of validity of the Magic Pass (summer and winter);
  • And the closure takes place between July 1st and August 31st for the summertime and/or between December 15th and March 31st for the wintertime.

If these conditions are met, the credits will be as follows: 


  • In case of a closure inferior to 30 days between the 1st of July and the 31st of August each year: CHF 0.00 credit
  • In case of a closure of 31 days or more between the 1st of July and the 31st of August each year: CHF 20.00 credit (Child: CHF 10.00)


  • In case of a closure inferior to 20 days between the 15th of December and the 31st of March each year: CHF 0.00 credit
  • In case of a closure from 21 to 45 days between the 15th of December and the 31st of March each year: CHF 60.00 credit (Child: CHF 30.00)
  • In case of a closure from 46 to 90 days between the 15th of December and the 31st of March each year: CHF 120.00 credit (Child: CHF 60.00)
  • In case of a closure for more than 90 days between the 15th of December and the 31st of March each year: CHF 180.00 credit (Child: CHF 90.00)

In case of a closure outside the above-mentioned periods, no credit is possible. Summer and winter credits can be accumulated for the same customer. These credits only apply to the basic offer and exclude the options.

7. Replacement of the data support

The data support (Keycard) is only replaced free of charge if technical problems are experienced in reading the card. 

A processing charge of CHF 40.00 is added to the payment for replacement of lost or damaged data supports.

8. Forgotten pass

If a pass has been forgotten, the partner will offer to replace the data support on the conditions set out in Section 7.

When a duplicate is produced, the original abonnement is automatically deactivated.

9. Verification of the passes

Each pass is issued in the holder’s name and may be used only by the person whose name appears on the card. Each partner may effect verifications of the use which is made of the passes.

When passing a check point, the system takes a photo to verify each client. 

10.   Unauthorized use of the Magic Pass

Any unauthorized use of a Magic Pass will result in immediate withdrawal of the pass and a contribution to the verification costs of CHF 200.00 Fraudulent days are also charged to any abusive user. Holders are responsible for ensuring that their passes cannot be wrongfully used by third parties, including relatives and friends. In addition, a pass may under no circumstances be returned, but may be subjected to the purchase of a new pass. If Magic Passes are unintentionnaly exchanged between members of the same order or family, a duplicate must be issued at the expense of the persons concerned (CHF 40.- per card). 

In cases of misuse of the Magic Pass by a partner of an option, the same conditions apply. 

11. Inappropriate conduct

All Magic Pass holders must comply with the regulations for transport users drawn up by the Remontées Mécaniques Suisses, follow the instructions of the operating staff of the partner ski lifts listed in article 1 and comply with the various legislations in force. Any Magic Pass holder who does not comply with these provisions, who behaves in a manner contrary to the legal provisions in force or who behaves inappropriately, may be temporarily or permanently banned (suspension/withdrawal of the pass) from one or all the partners listed in article 1.  

Magic Mountains Cooperation may, in its sole discretion, decide whether the behavior of a Magic Pass holder is appropriate or not. In case of inappropriate conduct, Magic Mountains Cooperation reserves the right to impose other penalties on the persons concerned, in particular to charge them a fine or to charge them for the operation. Magic Mountains Cooperation furthermore reserves the right to take any legal actions at its disposal and in particular the right to report the persons concerned to the competent authorities.

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