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Protect the glaciers!

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Every purchase you make helps protect Swiss glaciers. 

By using your card to pay, you can protect a part of the glacier that is equivalent to the size of your Mastercard®. Together, we can safeguard what is truly priceless®.

Switzerland's glaciers are an integral part of its identity, and their disappearance would be unimaginable. These white giants have fascinated people around the world for centuries and have contributed to the myth of the Alps. However, the melting of glaciers poses real dangers to people and nature. As glaciers retreat, they destabilize the surrounding soil, leading to landslides and avalanches. Additionally, melting glaciers create a risk of flooding, which can be disastrous for the environment and the villages and people nearby.

Moreover, it's crucial to remember that glaciers are a vital source of fresh water, essential for life. Glacier water feeds the mountain streams and rivers, especially during summer droughts. For humans, the drying up of springs can pose a problem, with some mountain huts already experiencing a shortage of fresh water due to the retreating glaciers.

Protecting glaciers is not only crucial for Switzerland but also for nature and humanity. By simply making purchases, you can play your part in safeguarding these invaluable natural resources.

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