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Magic Pass


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Magic Pass offers you the possibility to subscribe to insurance only when you purchase your pass.

Benefits Details according
Digit(s) in
AVB Assistance
Pass Pass+Rescue

Pro rata refund of the Magic Pass

As a result of illness, accident and death

Pass:ok Pass+Rescue:ok

B4 resp. E4
A1 resp. D14

ok ok
Transport costs as a result of illness, accident and death
  • of an insured person
  • of a person close to the insured or the workplace deputy of an insured person
  • of the accompanying person or a person close to them
Pass:ok Pass+Rescue:ok


ok ok
Search, rescue and recovery costs
  • of an insured person*
Pass:ok Pass+Rescue:ok


ok ok
Other benefits Pass:ok Pass+Rescue:ok

D1 – D4

ok ok
Additional transport costs and other benefits In case of failure to perform or delay Pass:ok Pass+Rescue:ok

E1 and E6
D4 and D14 – D15

ok ok
Single premium as a percentage of the MagicPass purchase price, option included (rounded up to the nearest franc) Pass: %5 Pass+Rescue: %8   5% 8%

In the event of a claim, the benefits of the rescue pass are paid subsidiarily if the holders is covered by another insurance (LAAA, SUVA or other). 

*Coverage limited to cases occuring in the entire opened ski area of the partner resorts. 

For persons domicilied abroad, the insurance coverage applies in the period from 15.12.2022 to 14.04.2023. 

Calculation of the allowance

Purchase price of the pass
(15 days)
15 days
minus the
number of
days used


* Days of use prior to the 1st of November are not included in the allowance calculation paid by Helvetia Insurance. Each use of the Bath option from the 1st of November is equivalent to 1 skiing day. All uses up to the 31st of October are not taken into account in the calculation of the days of use.


  • A pass purchased for CHF 400.00, used for 3 days from the 1st of November (15 - 3 = 12):
    → would represent a refund of CHF 320.00 (calculation: 400 / 15 * 12 = 320)
  • A pass purchased for CHF 660.00, used for 3 ski days and 2 bath entries from the 1st of November (15 - 5 = 10)
    → would represent a refund of CHF 440.00  (calculation: 660 / 15 * 10 = 440)
  • A pass purchased for CHF 800.00, never used (15 - 0 = 15):
    → would represent a refund of CHF 800.00 (full price)

report a claim report a claim

Claims for the Magic Pass 2022-2023 must be reported before the 30th of April 2023. 

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